Hangman Plus

Not just another classic Hangman! Ranked progress, tons of Hangman words, cool fun facts about every hangman word and more…
Why is Hangman Plus better than classic hangman games:
🎮 Ranked gameplay: start from the ameba and reach the highest level!
🎮 Guess movies, actors, books, singers and more
🎮 Learn something new: fun fact about every term you guess
🎮 Personalize your hangman with different themes: Dracula, Pirate, Cowboy, Zombie and more
🎮 Learn foreign languages – available in English, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Serbian and Croatian
🎮 Variety of hangman words: guess artists, celebrities, TV series and shows, geography, music, fashion, sports and sports players, food, and more

Not just another classic Hangman. Play, score and be the best!


Guess the word and save your Hangman. Use the given hint as a clue!

In this hangman game you can progress from easy to medium and finally hard mode. On each level, you can make a certain number of mistakes, but each mistake costs the hangman a body part. After 8 wrong guesses in easy, 6 in medium, and 4 in the hard mode, your creature gets hanged and your ranking drops. Do not let your ranking drop!

The scoring system keeps the competition on.

Where can you rank? Download the game and become a Hangman pro!